21 August 2018 | News

New top-level Australian open wheel class set for competition debut in 2019

World-class, high performance open wheel racing is set to return to Australian motorsport during 2019 with confirmed details and specifications of the new S5000 car and category released today.

Positioned as the premier open wheel class in the Australasian region, S5000 will boast a brand-new FIA-approved chassis, a powerful and cost-effective five-litre V8 engine and an all-Australian transmission system.

While some of the category’s original concepts would turn the clock back to the now-historic Formula 5000 series held through the 1970s, the new, bold S5000 class is a completely contemporary and modern category, aimed at introducing young and aspiring drivers to first-class open wheel racing, as well as experienced professionals.

The category has received CAMS approval, and Australia’s motorsport governing body has also granted newly-formed promotors Australian Racing Group the category management rights, for what will be the CAMS Australian S5000 Championship.

The class will launch onto race tracks in 2019, with co-creator and former racer-turned-publisher Chris Lambden confirmed as the inaugural category manager.

The contemporary S5000 car is based on an all-new Onroak-Ligier carbon-fibre monocoque,
with strength, safety and cost-effectiveness the main priorities.

The S5000 chassis will feature the halo protective device, making it the first Australian racing class that will feature the FIA-mandated safety feature.

Components for the modern, state-of-the-art chassis, engine and transmission are specified control parts – including the Onroak-Ligier safety cell – that will further reduce initial and ongoing costs for competitors and teams.

The cars will be powered by a sealed 5.0 litre, 560hp V8 Ford Coyote ‘Aluminator’ engine, with a Holinger six-speed sequential transaxle and huge 17 inch wide rear tyres, giving the S5000 car an undeniable on-track presence. Its deliberately moderate downforce package will complete a car in which driver skill will pay a premium.

A racing calendar for the 2019 season, as well as teams, drivers and other news will be revealed in due course.

[testimonial_item style=”3″ name=”Matt Braid, Director, Australian Racing Group”] “Since the original presentation of the S5000 concept as a new, premier open-wheel racing series, interest in bringing the category to life has been extremely strong from fans, teams and potential drivers, and has continued to grow as each prototype car has been displayed,” said Matt Braid.

“Given the significant interest and support for launching the S5000 category, Australian Racing Group is extremely pleased to finally confirm the specification of the car and to have S5000 endorsed and confirmed as an official category by CAMS for 2019.

“The 2019 specification S5000 car not only looks great, but will be extremely safe, fast and spectacular on track, foregoing technical driving aids to ensure driver talent shines through and provide a level of excitement on track that open wheel fans in Australia and the world have not experienced in some time. We can’t wait to see the spectacle of a strong field of S5000 cars racing wheel-to-wheel on the track in 2019.”[/testimonial_item]

[testimonial_item style=”3″ name=”Chris Lambden, Category Manager, S5000″] “It’s been an interesting pathway over the past three-and-a-half years to get to this point, but what we’re now going to be able to offer Australian motorsport is actually better than I had ever thought we could achieve,” said Chris Lambden.

“The 2018 FIA-spec Onroak-Ligier tub, amalgamated with the V8 engine and Holinger rear end makes up a totally contemporary S5000 car that is going to blow people away. It will retain the modest downforce and mechanical grip elements that we have aimed for, so it’s going to be fast and safe and, at last, we have a serious, spectacular, high-level open wheeler category – perhaps Australia’s version of IndyCar …”

“There have been a lot of people expressing interest in getting involved, and with CAMS now
ticking off the car and the championship series, it is well and truly on”[/testimonial_item]

[testimonial_item style=”3″ name=”Eugene Arocca, CEO, Confederation of Australian Motorsport”] “The introduction of the CAMS S5000 Australian Championship to our growing motor sport landscape is a very welcome addition,” said Eugene Arocca.

“We are excited to announce ARG has secured the commercial rights to manage S5000 and look forward to seeing the first cars on track in the near future. The ARG team have put forward some very exciting plans to ensure this open-wheel category is a great success.

“We are of course also pleased to see the FIA approved safety features incorporated, including the halo. We look forward to working closely with Matt, Chris and the entire team at ARG as this category prepares for its competitive debut in 2019.”[/testimonial_item]