12 September 2019 | News

John Martin reveals livery of his AGI Sport S5000 for Sandown

John Martin has revealed the look of his stunning new S5000 race car that he will compete with at the inaugural S5000 meeting at Sandown next weekend.

Martin, a former open wheel ace in categories such as A1GP and SuperLeague Formula, will be part of the historic first race meeting for S5000 – dubbed the IndyCar of Australia.

His car features a striking blue and yellow highlights, adorned with the AGI Sport team’s logo. Other backers are expected to feature on the car when it rolls out for the weekend.

Martin says that seeing the look of his car is making him super excited for the S5000 debut weekend.

“I reckon it looks cool,” said Martin.

“It is something that Adam (Gotch, AGI Sport team owner) came up with, and I added my bit in. For a one-off round, we think that we’ve got something that looks pretty good, and every loves the carbon look, so I think it is going to turn some heads.”

The S5000 car, built in-house by Melbourne race team Garry Rogers Motorsport, is a masterpiece of Australian engineering, with as many as 14 set to compete in the first event at Sandown.

Practice kicks off on Friday, September 20, followed by qualifying and racing on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets can be pre-purchased or bought at the gate, and for those unable to make it to Sandown for the historic first event, the races will be broadcast live, free and in HD on SBS, or via the Shannons Nationals live stream.

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