17 November 2019 | News

Tim Macrow scores victory in Race 2 at The Bend

Tim Macrow has set the stage for a torrid S5000 decider at The Bend with a runaway win in the reverse-grid Sunday sprint.

After technical troubles in the first race on Saturday, Macrow hit back with a dominant run to victory ahead of Jimmy Golding and John Martin.

The result means the grid for the feature race will have Tom Randle on pole position, ahead of Anton De Pasquale, John Martin and Golding.
Macrow was on the front row for the reverse-grid tussle and never let anyone get close.

“I’m much happier today. I’m glad to get the win,” says Macrow.

“It’s been a bit of an up-and-down weekend. We’ve had a few little dramas, with myself and the car. So I was glad to bring it home.”

Golding had hoped to do better, but could not get close enough to strike.

“There was dirt on the track where I was trying to get through. If there was no dirt I could have made it, but there was,” Golding says.

Randle was one of the movers in Race 2, getting past de Pasquale during a tough battle between the young guns that was made easier when James Winslow miscued and ran off the road.

“Anton wasn’t making it easy for me. But I always have a go,” says Randle.

“There is more aero wash here at The Bend than I expected, and all the passing places come after a fast corner so it’s tough to get close. I just couldn’t get the break I needed.”

Grid for Feature Race

1. Thomas Randle
2. Anton de Pasquale
3. John Martin
4. James Golding
5. Will Brown
6. Tim Macrow
7. Ricky Capo
8. James Winslow
9. Michael Gibson
10 Braydan Willmington

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