7 April 2020 | Featured

Rubens Barrichello features on Rusty’s Garage podcast

Rubens Barrichello has been featured in the award-winning podcast series ‘Rusty’s Garage’.

Hosted by popular motorsport commentator Greg Rust, the podcast talks to the former Formula 1 legend about his good times and bad times, including the fateful Imola Grand Prix weekend that claimed the life of countryman Ayrton Senna.

Barrichello also speaks about the VHT Australian S5000 Championship, the role he has played and the future of the class.

See the latest episode of Rusty’s Garage below.

Also in the podcast world, the Australian Racing Group has continued to produce content during the downturn of events due to the coronavirus. Hosted by ARG media man Grant Rowley and Honda TCR driver Tony D’Alberto, ‘Parked Up’ speaks to personalities in the sport during the break in racing.

In Episode 3, Rowley and D’Alberto speak to TV star and racer Grant Denyer, Race Against COVID-19 founder Renato Loberto and TCR Australia champion Will Brown.

Episode 3 of Parked Up is available below.