23 May 2022 | General

Garwood S5000 campaign parked for upcoming Dad duties

S5000 AUSTRALIAN Drivers’ Championship rookie Adam Garwood will miss the next few rounds of the championship to focus on a more important issue in life – becoming a Dad for the first time. 

The Tasmanian driver and his partner, Isabelle, are set to welcome their first child soon, the Garwood’s confirming his temporary change of focus via their team Facebook page yesterday.

“Unfortunately Adam will not be campaigning in the next 2 rounds of S5000 – due to him being required to focus on preparing for his new chapter as ‘dad’ to his impatient, eager little man who will be welcomed into the world in the coming months,” the Garwood Motorsport Facebook page confirmed.

“We’re still in discussions with the Garry Rogers Motorsport team regarding the second half of the season, after a little winter break when the season returns in September.

“Quiet winter ahead on the track front for our team, but you just never know where Adam may pop up – as let’s be honest, he doesn’t cope well with ‘sitting still’ and always needs to keep busy!”

Garwood sits eighth in the S5000 Australian Drivers’ Championship following the first three rounds after making the significant leap from the Touring Car Masters series to open wheelers this year.

The S5000 family wishes Isabelle, Adam and the Garwood clan the best for the impending addition to their family!