20 September 2022 | General

S5000 upgrades to be tested at The Bend Motorsport Park

A RANGE of technical updates will be trailed on three dedicated development cars running at Tuesday’s S5000 Open test at The Bend Motorsport Park.   

Developed by series Technical Partners, Garry Rogers Motorsport, the upgrades include several evolutionary additions to the Rogers AF01/V8 platform that was introduced into competition in 2019.   

The changes have been developed following feedback from a host of S5000 competitors, including high-profile additions to the field such as Rubens Barrichello, Alex Davison, James Davison, James Golding, Joey Mawson and more. 

Feedback has also been collated from S5000 teams throughout the 2022 Gold Star season.  

The changes being evaluated are to both the cars themselves and the control Hoosier tyre.  

A key highlight of the development process will be the inclusion of a push-to-pass function for the first time.   

The system is programmed into the cars existing ECU and operates via the drive by wire throttle system – with additional throttle permitted when the system is activated.   

The system will remain active until the driver lifts off the throttle, with the number of activations permitted in any given race to be determined.   

The system will be tested at The Bend and should the test prove successful, will be rolled out in time for the opening round of the Tasman Series at the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 this October.   

Other changes to the cars being tested at The Bend include an upgraded damper package, improved rear vision mirrors, a new rear wheel rim specification, minor adjustments to the exhaust, accelerator pedal and developments to both the front and rear suspension.  

The array of improvements would be introduced for the Tasman Series pending their successful testing at The Bend. 

Meanwhile, official control Tyre supplier Hoosier will test several new tyre compounds and constructions with a view to introducing them to the category in 2023.  

After running at The Bend, the final sign off on the 2023 tyre specification will be completed following a subsequent two-day test at Phillip Island later in September.  

The existing Hoosier tyres utilised throughout the 2022 S5000 Australian Drivers’ Championship will be used throughout the S5000 Tasman Series.