29 November 2022 | General

Enhanced Push to Pass system to be rolled out in Adelaide

A REVISED and enhanced Push to Pass system will be in place for this weekend’s second round of the S5000 Tasman Series, at the VALO Adelaide 500. 

Designed to promote closer racing and more overtaking, Push to Pass made its debut on the Gold Coast with a system that increased throttle percentage – and therefore, horsepower – for a set number of deployments throughout each race.

For Adelaide, the system will operate in the same way, however will instead now be deployed based on a maximum amount of time for each race – in this case, 90 seconds.

This will allow for better use of the system to set up a potential overtake by strategically using the system in different parts of the circuit, without fear of losing one of a limited number of uses.

The system will remain activated until the driver turns it off manually, or uses the brakes, and will allow for 90 seconds of extra performance across each race this weekend.

S5000s are expected to lap the 3.219km Adelaide Parklands circuit in less than 77 seconds, while the longest straight on the famous circuit is the approximately 640m run between Turn 7 and Turn 8, along Bartels Road, which will take approximately 9 seconds to traverse.

A flashing rear LED rain light on each car will designate when they system has been activated.

Teams will test the system throughout the pair of practice sessions on Thursday ahead of its rollout in race one on Friday afternoon.

STEFAN MILLARD – Garry Rogers Motorsport, S5000 Technical Partners

“The revisions to the Push to Pass system for Adelaide will introduce more strategy into the racing and we think will make for a better product,” Millard said.

“Much like how it is used in IndyCar racing, drivers can pick and choose how they utilise it rather than being stuck with a set number of deployments per race.

“They can turn it off when they have pushed the button, so if they see the car in front using it, they can save their time for later.

“Similarly, it allows the system to be used on shorter straights to set up a pass for later in the lap.

“At the Gold Coast we were aiming for approximately 0.4 to 0.5 seconds gain on the straight and Adelaide will be similar.

“We will continue to tune the system throughout the weekend.”